Works of Art Made Exclusively on This Planet

Yep. That's right. I don't make my stuff anywhere else.

Sure, I have some photographs of the moon, but that's technically within Earth's (gravitational) control. Also, I have some photographs of stars, but I swear I was standing on Planet Earth when I took those photographs.

Shop local. Buy from Planet Earth.

What's a Daogreer, anyway?

Well, that little fella on the right is my friend Daogreer. He rarely speaks, but when he does, he speaks entirely in symbols. He finds that he can cover a wider range of meaning that way. He also always faces to the left. He's quite a particular little bug; he likes things the way he likes them, and he's slow to change.

What kind of bug is he? That's a difficult question to answer. He has six legs, like an insect, but only two body segments rather than three. He definitely has wings and antennae, but those are certainly not compound eyes. I've tried asking him, but he only replies in symbols - he's a cryptic little bugger.

Though not frequently seen in color, when he is feeling colorful, he is that lovely marigold shade you see here.

Of course, his all time favorite color is green.

His name can be a little difficult to pronounce, but it should end up sounding like this: ( DOW - greer )

Daogreer and I have been friends for a long time; we met back in 1994. Daogreer is my business partner, so even though his name is tricky to spell and difficult to pronounce, the name of the company will always be Daogreer Earth Works.

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